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Steve Camilleri: my hero

Steve has tackled a very difficult song with a deft touch and a groove that can’t be topped. I am so grateful for his participation that I cannot adequately express it. Onward!!!!

It’s time! Time to start CD #5!

The great Pawel Kuczynski’s work is available for purchase here

Last night was a great night for me. I pulled together some ideas that fit together nicely and wildly. Finally, things are starting to coalesce. So since I can, I will inform you of the progress I’m making as I go in the journey to CD #5.  

Each post will feature art or music or some other by someone I like, and that you should be aware of. 

As for this first song, one Steve Camilleri had better warm up his para-diddles. 


I don’t think anything approaches perfection as much as this great album from 1973 does. I’m in my cubicle almost in tears listening to “all in love is fair”.

The great and powerful Gary Storm will be playing my music on Oil of Dog this coming Tuesday, June 3, 2014, Midnight Mountain Time (Monday night into Tuesday morning), USA, on KSFR, 101.1 FM, Santa Fe, and online at


gilbert neal is a fine singer and an excellent guitarist
gilbert neal is there
gilbert neal is wanted for questioning in the events surrounding the shooting
gilbert neal is in the room


I did not know i was on Spotify! My whole discography can be enjoyed from the comfort of your cubicle or, if you’re mobile, toilet, at this link.

I know I said I was going to stop, and I think live performance is out of the question, but that doesn’t mean I can’t record another CD. So the process, a slow, painful and rewarding process begins anew. Some changes, but I think probably a Kickstarter campaign to hire horns and strings. We’ll see. Who cares? Me. I care.

Next show next Saturday Feb. 1 at Six String Brewery in Carrboro.

Hello friends.

I’ll be singing my heart out for you or whoever is within earshot next Saturday at 8 PM at the Steel String Brewery in Carrboro. 106A South Greensboro Street.

One never knows how these things go, but when people come to see me they want to hear my own jaunty tunes. So I will be singing those mostly. Passive attendants be DAMNED!!! And then seduced.

Would you please consider stopping by?

I’ll pester some more when the event is imminent.


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