The Mayor of Estes Park

The Mayor of Estes Park

(2016 by Gilbert Neal)


“The Mayor of Estes Park” is what a friend of mine used to call me when we were spending a lot of time on benches in the mornings watching our kids play. And this set of songs tells a story of regret, fear, sex, indulgence, and middle-age. The 3rd thru 7th songs are really one long piece telling a story of infidelity, and the wrestling with guilt until guilt becomes resignation, resignation turns into apathy, and apathy folds into the narrator’s character. Every album I’ve done (including this one) has been somewhat political as well. As I listen to it, it’s the darkest work I’ve done, but also the best.

Gilbert Neal – bass, electric and acoustic guitars, piano, organ, lead and backing vocals
Steve Camilleri – drums, percussion
Darrell Nutt – percussion, keys
Derrick Johnson – trombone
Ben Hovey – trumpet
Greg Hollowell – sax
Autumn Rose Brand – violin
Ariana Dewar – cello
Jacob Wynne – trumpet
David Kasper – sax
Genevieve Gilbert – violin
Cody Cramer – viola
Victoria Hamm – cello

Thank you: Jamie Wyatt, Daniel Lewis, Ken Denny, Michael Rizzo, Mark Duncan, Trevor and Amy Tupper, Jeff Dolina, Erin Neal, Mark Doyon for saying “yes”, Solise, Rick Runyan, Bob Dry, Bob Lipinoga, Joseph Irizarry, Lisa Brandt, Lisa Oun, Greg Hollowell, Lauren Tent, Meghan Puryear, and so many more.

Produced by Darrell Nutt and Gilbert Neal
Mixed and mastered by Darrelll Nutt
Recorded at Nightsound Studios in Carrboro, NC (vocals and acoustic guitar), definition MEDIA in Fort Myers, FL (percussion), Steve Cammileri’s house in Sarasota, FL (drums) and Gilbert Neal’s home in Hillsborough, NC.

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