Tune in this Friday at 6, as I am interviewed by my friend Jackie Helvey…

WCOM (www.wcomfm.org) will have me on this Friday the 29th at 6:00 PM. I love being on Jackie’s program, the Wacqueline Stern Show out of Carrboro. Many of my performance clips you see with me at a radio station are from there. You can see me age in front of your eyes!

Anyhow, please tune in!


New Video: “I Had A Girl”.

Tony Murnahan made the pretty video shots of Megan Montgomery frolicking with joy. Our own Olivia Neal took shots of me, frolicking with hypodermis. In the process, edited out was my slide solo played with a prescription drug bottle. Damn you Tony!!

Anyhow, please enjoy!


(Also, the images at the beginning are all of dead people propped up to appear in Victorian-era photos.)

“The Mayor of Estes Park” available now!

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Friday is the day! “The Mayor of Estes Park” is released world-wide.


Please consider purchasing this, my 5th album, this Friday!

Featuring strings, horns, ballads, soul, funk, pop, breezy acoustic stuff, and just plain weirdness, all wrapped in that crazy dysfunctional wrapping paper that you’ve come to know all these years.

My 5th album is called “The Mayor of Estes Park”. It’s about an hour of tunes, and I know you’ll love it. I didn’t do a Kickstarter this time around, but if you know me or like my music, please consider buying the music in whatever form suits you.

And don’t forget my album release party (featuring Ken Ray Wilemon and Marko Marisic) on Friday, the 15th of July at 8 PM at 106 E Main St. in Durham. We’ll perform an acoustic set of original music old and new.

I cannot live without expressing my deepest thoughts musically. I don’t care about money, but I do try to find a new audience with every release. I hope you share the word, and I hope you let me know what you think.

I think this process started more than a year ago when I first sent Darrell Nutt and Steve Camilleri the demos for the songs I had written. I had one piece totally finished, the acoustic guitar song “Anger”, which talks about how people know what they know and refuse to consider anything else. I hired Andrea Dewar of the Raleigh Symphony Orchestra to play a jagged and strange cello part. When Meghan Puryear and I heard Ariana play the first take, we knew it was something special.

I got to hear the magnificent Autumn Rose Brand on violin for “Drop Of You”, and her solo is fantastic. Finding Cleveland’s Cold City Horns was a big day for me. Not only is Jacob Wynne a musician’s musician, but he knows musicians! And he didn’t laugh (at me) when I asked him, “What’s that thing that Kenny G plays?”

George Gray played harmonica on a song that didn’t make it this time around but will definitely be on the next one. He blew us away with his solo. It was and is perfect. Who else? There’s “thank you” stuff in the liner notes.  I let those folks know that it was coming, and while it might not be a big deal in the scheme of things, it means so much to have what friends I have.

Thank you Mark Doyon for saying “yes”. Thank you Darrell and Steve for saying “yes”. Thank you Chris and Meghan for saying “yes”. Thank you Teresa Rush-Edwards and Chau McCullough for saying “yes”.  And thank YOU for saying “yes!”

By the way, there’s another video, I hear, coming out very soon. Another two, in fact.